Review of Basic GPS Units 


While Basic GPS units might seem rather ‘old hat’ compared to the mapping units they are very useful navigation aids either to record where you have been or preloaded with track and/or waypoints can take all the uncertainty out of your walking route navigation.


Basic GPS Units are rugged, work in all weathers night and day, and are as accurate as any gps unit. You can use them to record your adventures as a gps track, highlight specific locations by creating gps waypoints, and analyse your gps records using software such as Oziexplorer and GPSU. Planned routes can be loaded as track and/or waypoints into your gps to guide you on your planned adventures.
If you want a low cost dedicated gps, as compared to navigating on your 3G phone, then a Garmin eTrex would serve you well.


See Appendix B at the back of GPS The Easy Way for a review of different units basic specifications.


Garmin is the market leader for basic gps units. Here are some currently offered on amazon:-


Garmin eTrex 10 Garmins latest eTrex offering available for less than £100 


Garmin eTrex H the original eTrex just a couple of pounds cheaper than the new 10 model  


Garmin eTrex Vista Hcx top of the range old style eTrex originally listed at £240 now available for £89.99   
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new Garmin Custom Maps for Garmin gps units but they are not for Basic gps units