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It might sound like a big company doing lots of things and researching new regions and topics but it all comes down to just Ros & David Brawn. When we started out with our first Tenerife South Walking Guide our aim was to tempt ordinary tourists "off the beaten track". Since those early days we have come a long way, and walked even further, in our pursuit of producing the best Walking Guides. Thank you to all those travel writers who have written so enthusiastically about our guides, and to all of you who have written to us praising our work. We are often saying that our work is much more fun than most peoples' holidays, and it still applies.

Walking in regions that often have very poor, out of date, mapping we soon realised that GPS was the answer to our navigation needs; it also produced the accuracy needed for our entry into Tour & Trail mapping. Seeing the dearth of gps information for UK/European walkers David compiled 'GPS The Easy Way'. Written in a lively style with OS map based examples and a pocket money price of 4.99 David's little book has introduced thousands of walkers to gps navigation. Another spin-off of our gps use has been our Personal Navigator Files CD containing the gps tracks and waypoints for 'Everywhere we have been walking', and we really do mean everywhere as it contains everything you need to download our walking routes gps information direct to your gps unit via your PC; that's thousands of walking routes plus sample walks plus GPSU software all on one CD for only 9.99. All DWG books and maps are backed by the pinpoint navigational accuracy of GPS, so even if you will never have a gps you can be confident about the accuracy of everything we publish.

2004 saw a major change when we signed up our first 'UK authors' for our Walk! UK Project. Having honed our research techniques in foreign fields we have now recruited and trained nine research teams for the project. We are very proud of our UK Team, whose dedication and enthusiasm now mean that you can enjoy the same high standards that we put into our overseas titles at home in the UK. With this super team on our side combined with the pin-point navigational accuracy of gps we are more than confident of our description as:-
'Leaders in Walking Navigation at Home & Abroad'

2008 has seen us in the 'Digital Revolution' with digital editions of Tour & Trail Maps and Walk! guidebooks being available for Instant-Delivery as down-loadable files from Instant-Books where the prices reflected the savings that come from digital publication and digital delivery. Tour & Trail Map sheets are just 2.99 each while Walk! guidebooks are just 4.99 - unbeatable value.

If you are a new visitor to our site the following links will give you an idea of our philosophy of walking and while we say "perhaps we should find some other writers to do the research" (see above) for both of us there is nothing to compare with the excitement of 'discovering' new routes. So it is into the philosophy so far as it can be discerned from:-

All sections are being updated but it really is difficult keeping up with all the good things people say about us.

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