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"Why do we take holidays?"

Forget all those ideas you had about taking a holiday. You know the ones; getting a break from work, discovering a new culture, being brown/suntanned, being relaxed, etc etc .... Most people go on holiday for one reason, and one reason only, so they can tell everyone at home all about it. This simple explanation of the motivational drive which makes people go on holiday can be difficult to accept at first, until you think of people who have been on holiday. Don't they all want to tell you all about it? This telling is a part of the main human motivational drive - the creation of envy! Holidays became a way of putting oneself above one's peers. In the beginning it was enough to 'have been abroad', but in holiday-evolution it has became important to go to ever more exotic destinations, with even more exotic dangers. Have you noticed how you always get told about the dangers that almost (but never did) 'did for them' on their exotic holiday? It has become normal to regale others with the real/imagined dangers you went through during your holiday. A good 'dangerous escape' is now vital for a holiday to be complete. Holiday companies should recognise this and build in such escapes as part of their holiday package.

As if being told about somebody's holiday wasn't bad enough, now we have the camcorder. Now we have to sit through hours of amateur movies. Please save us from this 'post-holiday torture' by going back to that ancient mystical belief that 'holidays are for enjoying yourself'.

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