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Trying to advise people where to go on holiday is fraught with pitfalls. Opinions of what constitutes the perfect holiday can be formed on the tiniest event; a polite taxi-driver, buying a cheap lettuce at the market (yes, this is given as a reason to visit Benalmádena by two of our friends!), who you meet on holiday, an excellent restaurant etc etc. You will also find plenty of off-the-cuff advice on where not to go from people who have experienced the 'holiday from hell'; usually as a result of their own poor decision making. Also people will give you 'advice' on places they have never visited themselves.

The key to choosing the right destination is in doing your research well, and once again you can't beat good Guide Books for giving you a balanced view. Remember that WHEN can be as important as WHERE. When we lived in the Seychelles (two years) the peak season was Christmas/New Year - right in the middle of 'wet season' (or very wet season as our house behind the Fisherman's Cove Hotel enjoyed over 250 inches of annual rainfall!). Even for a destination like the Seychelles few people invest in a guide book when planning their holiday.

Through the Titles section of our site you can access the resorts/regions covered by our "Walk!" Guidebooks. When choosing where to go on holiday do remember that the choice of resort, and accommodation within that resort, are as important as the general destination. Within islands such as Mallorca, Menorca, Madeira, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Gomera and La Palma you will find a wide range of resorts and accommodation with something for even the most discerning of travellers. Even our lesser known walking regions on the Spanish mainland can provide a wide range of accommodation options, making Sierra de Aracena, the Alpujarras, Andorra and Axarquia suitable destinations for a range of holiday budgets.

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