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Internet publishing is changing in line with the way people search out information in the modern age. Printing has been with us for a few centuries, and will be with us for some time to come, but the growth of reading is in electronic media. As the number of people with access to the Internet continues its rapid growth, the searching for information through electronic media is growing at the same pace. No longer do we have to look up information by flicking through books. Also the provision of information is no longer limited to conventional publishers. A new style of publisher is emerging - the 'web-publisher'.

There is a massive growth in the amount of information that is available for 'free' from websites which previously you would have paid for through the purchase of a book. Several organisations have an interest in providing information, particularly 'tourist information'. Where once you had to visit a Tourist Information Office, you can now call up the information through their website. This development is revolutionizing 'travel guide book publishing' as tourist offices become website-publishers.

You don't need to be 'mastermind' to see that the internet is the future for 'guide book' publishers, but every advance has its caveat. It is difficult to know how up-to-date the information is, and whether it can be relied upon. As with books you will come to trust some publishers over others, but with web sites it can be difficult to establish this type of relationship. News Groups and Chat Rooms can provide useful information once you have sifted through the banal, the biased, and just plain barmy. If there is one problem with the Internet it is that we have too much information and it is difficult to decide which information we can rely on.

Google Earth an amazing breakthrough!
once upon a time you had to rely on books and photos to give you an idea of what somewhere would be like when you got there. Then along comes Google Earth to show you what a place is really like and in real-time! Now you can see exactly where you will be going on your holiday. For walking holidays with our Walk! books we have Tour & Trail Custom Maps that work directly with Google Earth and can be loaded in Garmin mapping gps units. You can use the 'Sample' map sections from our webpages in Google Earth.

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