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"Training for 'olidays, wot's that then?" Perhaps 'training' is too strong a word and we should use the Boy Scout's motto 'Be prepared'. We offer a few simple tips which will help you avoid holiday problems.

Fitness. If you are planning an activity holiday it is important that you are fit enough to cope with the requirements of your vacation. On Walking Holidays you don't want to be always lagging behind the main group and feeling exhausted at the end of each day's route. A regular two-hour country stroll is not enough to prepare you for a daily regime of '6 to 8 hours of walking in mountainous terrain'. The same approach applies to any 'sporting' holiday.

Footwear. It always surprises us that so many people buy new shoes/boots and wear them for the first time on holiday. Spending more time on your feet, combined with the high temperatures of most holiday destinations, can soon lead to blisters and sores caused by incorrectly fitting footwear. Walkers already appreciate the value of 'breaking in' boots, and this advice applies equally to any footwear you plan to use during your vacation. Many of our 'Walk! guidebooks routes can be completed in good quality trainers or specialist walking sandals (we use Clarks, Cats and Merrils). For our more adventurous routes we recommend specialist walking footwear, which includes walking sandals. If you do wear trainers please wear cotton sports socks (not those skimpy 'ten pairs for a quid' from the market) to absorb perspiration and prevent friction blisters. In any popular holiday destination you will find people limping about with damaged feet caused by inappropriate, poor fitting footwear. Don't let it happen to you.

Exposure. A lot of people have problems because their bodies are not acclimatised to the conditions they encounter on holiday. The worst cases of Sunburn & Sunstroke usually happen to people who go from 'indoor' everyday life and then fling themselves down under a foreign sun. Even Britain's climate will prepare you for foreign climes if you are an outdoor person. However the sudden urge to 'let it all out' often overcomes those who would keep covered up and indoors at home, with disastrous results!

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