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Tens of thousands of people can't all be wrong to own a timeshare, or are they? Timeshare attracts plenty of criticism in the media but the plain fact is that it is still selling with thousands of new 'owners' every year. What really gets to people is the way timeshare is sold through Street Touts (OPCs) encouraging couples to visit a resort where they are then subject to 'quite pressured' selling techniques. After this harrowing way of making a purchase most people settle down to using their timeshare and quite enjoy it. While the selling techniques emphasise the ability to swap your weeks for other exotic destinations (this comes from Florida selling techniques for Americans) this has only a low appeal for most owners. Our comments on Timeshare apply equally to 'Holiday Club' selling but even more so as you do not seem to own anything at all after paying over a very considerable wedge of money.

What timeshare owners like is the security of knowing that 'Bill and Joan' will be in the apartment next door for the same week next year. Each of a resort's weeks develops a 'clubby' atmosphere as the same people get together again and again. This is not our idea of a holiday but for many people it is as adventurous as they want to get. I play squash in a number of timeshare resorts and hotels in southern Tenerife, which gives me an insight into the different atmosphere that goes with different types of establishments. Hotels are definitely favoured by the more adventurous holidaymakers!

While we could write reams on timeshare, its selling techniques, resale prices (low) etc, you have probably seen it already on a television expose (timeshare sales actually increase after an expose!). Sufficient to say that if you do accept an 'invitation to view a resort' don't complain to us about what happened to you, particularly if you buy one. Within the industry it is well known that it is easiest to sell a timeshare to someone who already has one - that must say something!

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