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British TV weather forecasts now include 'sunburn warnings', during the spring and summer. On a sunny day it is typical to get a 20 minute exposure before starting to burn on these forecasts. Looking around any popular holiday resort it is obvious that these warnings have been left at the airport. Every morning during the summer there is a queue of 'fluorescent red' visitors waiting for our local chemist (Playa de las Americas) to open. Perhaps it is a trait of the British (and other Europeans) that they would rather suffer and then seek treatment than get it right by proper planning. We would hope that users of "Walk!" guidebooks have more sense, but just in case we include our guide to 'Sunburn & Sunstroke' in most of our guides. If you don't want to join the queue at the chemists here is how we do it;

Take your time and enjoy the spectacle of other people with their daft sunburn; 'Red Biscuit', red one side white the other - fell asleep nose up (or nose down) on the beach/sunlounger. 'Noughts and Crosses' - sunbathing in a string vest; 'Reject from the World of Leather' - spends every minute sunbathing, possibly with plenty of moisturiser, and ends up looking like a badly stuffed old leather sofa; 'Suzuki Red' - fluorescent red head from driving all day in a convertible; 'Red Nose, Red Knees' - mark of a bar terrace drinker.

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