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Let's admit it; we all look at the price, but do we get good value? If we define Value as the amount of enjoyment we get from a holiday compared to each we spend, then we see a lot of people who get very poor value out of their holidays. Cheapest price seldom equates with Best Value. The emphasis on the price of a holiday has been increased by the major companies emphasising price (often not the total price you will pay) in their brochures. All of us want the maximum enjoyment from our holidays and this doesn't mean we have to pay a fortune for the privilege. Most of us start with a budget figure for a holiday and then try to find a destination which meets our needs.

Where most people go wrong is in assuming that the price we pay is going to be the total cost. Few people include the cost of a good Guide Book in their budget. We have to admit to a self-interest here because we believe that for many people buying a "Walk!" Guidebook will dramatically increase the enjoyment they get from their holiday; not to mention the sheer joy of owning a Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map. Although most of our travel to holiday destinations is work for researching new guides we apply the same guidelines as if we were going on holiday;

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