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"Shop till you drop." Modern society seems obsessed with shopping, with this activity having become a major participation sport for many people. If you are one of this group you will find that the airports, airlines and ferry companies cater for your needs. Airports are becoming more like shopping malls; once in the air you will be trapped in your seat by the wagon train of 'duty free' selling by the cabin crew; and everyone seems to be advertising the benefits of 'duty free' shopping. Apart from the anomally of buying goods at a different tax rate while travelling between two countries (surely the concept clashes with the principle of the EEC?) do you get good value from Duty Free Shopping? 
In the Canary Islands we have regularly published a price comparison between buying products duty free or locally. Our results are as follows;

When shopping in resorts be aware that those "DUTY FREE" signs prominently displayed by shops are meaningless. The Canary Islands are NOT 'duty free', but do have a very low rate of tax on many products. If you are the sort of person who is 'suckered' by Duty Free signs you should take note of the 'Penny wise, Pound foolish' comment elsewhere in our Advice Directory.

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