Key Factors - Updates/New Editions

Have you, like us, have been tricked by a new edition of a book where the publisher has simply changed the cover, called it a new edition, upped the price and you've  bought it only to find it is the same content as the book you already have? We've been caught like this by some well known publishers in both non-fiction and fiction books but travel guides seem particularly prone to these 're-covering'.

When we produce a new "Walk!" guidebook we not only update the walks in the original guide but also produce additional routes updating the destination. La Gomera has long been a favourite destination, our regional South, West and North guides being replaced by Walk! La Gomera and then that title replaced by the latest Walk! La Gomera by Charles Davis; each new title adding to the experience that is La Gomera; similarly with Mallorca, Menorca, La Palma, Lanzarote, Tenerife etc. When we produce a new edition we really mean that it has plenty new in it. 

We don't just update/upgrade guides and produce new editions. When we start researching an update/upgrade or a new edition we do not penalise people buying the title when we know that something new is on the way. For all of our direct customers ordering a title between when we are committed to new research and that new research appearing as an update/upgrade or new edition, we tell you a new edition is on the way. We offer everyone who has an earlier edition of a DWG guide/map a Trade-Up service at a special price.
How many other publishers make this commitment? Write to us if you can find one UK based publisher who offers this service.

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