Key Features - "Walk!" Philosophy

"Walk!" guidebooks may be seen as another product (category - Travel UK/Europe/Africa) by the UK book trade but they mean much more to us as they embody our personal philosophy of what holidays and walking are all about. We believe that life is there to be enjoyed rather than endured, and that holidays have a far higher value than their cost. Walking can be exciting without being dangerous, and spectacular views do not mean vertiginous trails. Discovering a foreign island is about so much more than just covering the kilometres, it should be a complete experience. To enjoy the experience you shouldn't need to be super-fit or have specialist equipment.

Living and working within a holiday resort (Playa de las Americas - Tenerife) we have seen the errors that people make on their holidays (like buying a map at the end of a week's car hire to see where you have been) and have designed our guidebooks to help people have a memorable holiday. Our philosophy is to encourage people to see and experience more than they would on a 'normal holiday'. For this our guidebooks are pitched at the moderately fit visitor and include all the items which we think are important. Embodying this approach into our guidebooks has proved popular (see Press Page and Fan Mail) with people who buy DWG guidebooks. Walking routes are selected to appeal to a wide range of walking abilities linked to the landscape of the region covered. This means that some Walk! books are more energetic than others depending upon the type of visitor a destination attracts while still having a range of walks to choose from; normally we start gently and finish with a route requiring some endurance. We believe in the 'total walk experience' including the opportunity to enjoy refreshments in 'tipicos' you would not normally find without a 'Walk!' guidebook.
If you are the type of person who returns from a walking holiday with tales of how many kilometres you walked with only a change of socks in your pocket, and you did it all on a small bottle of water, we don't think you'll like our style/philosophy.

In the fifteen years since publishing our first guide we are now covering a wide range of destinations; now including our Walk! UK seires of books launched in 2006. As we move away from major resorts into specific walking regions so the nature of our selected routes has changed to reflect the needs of leisure walkers. La Gomera, Alpujarras, Tenerife, Mallorca North & Mountains, Mallorca West, Andorra, Axarquia and La Palma are guidebooks to areas of specific interest to leisure walkers and this is reflected in more adventurous walks with higher ratings for effort; so reflecting the needs of the 'walking visitor' to these regions. Our "Walk!" guidebook format now means that we can include more routes covering a wider range of abilities to appeal to a wider range of walkers.

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