Key Features - Maps and Mapping

DWG's Tour & Trail Maps have drawn wide acclaim amongst users and the walking press, especially the Super-Durable editions. Quality maps are as important as a detailed correct description of the walk if you are to venture out into the unknown landscape of some foreign land. Knowing that DWG's walking routes are recorded on gps, plus the comprehensive gps ground survey for a Tour & Trail Map, means that you get the very best mapping that is available. 

If you walk in the UK with an OS map, then you would find a sketch map a bit of a come down when you go abroad. We cannot boast of OS levels of resources but we can boast the 'most accurate' mapping available for our "Walk!" guidebook destinations. Where we do license in the national mapping (local equivalent of OS) we update these maps for items we have found on the ground such as paths, tracks, trails, pistas, new roads etc; Walk! Andorra and Walk! Axarquia use licenced mapping updated from our gps research records. Walk! UK guide books all use the latest 'Right to Roam' mapping licenced from Ordnance Survey updates for our walking routes and gps waypoints. Licencing does not come cheaply but if you want the best walking guide books you have to be prepared to invest in the very best ingredients!

Now you can also have our Tour & Trail Maps in digital editions directly compatible Memory-Map and most gps software; see Digital Cartography for more info

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