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Key Features - Detailed Walk Descriptions

Detail is one aspect which everyone appreciates when exploring previously unknown landscapes, particularly when you are abroad. "Walk!" guidebooks are reknowned for the detailed description of every walk (see Press Page) which allows you to explore with confidence. Our detailed descriptions are a result of detailed research and we normally walk each route in both directions before deciding on our written description. When you read our walks you get comfort and confidence from knowing that the detail has been thoroughly researched. Reading our descriptions you might get the impression that we never get lost! Not true, we are always getting lost and have walked hundreds of kilometres on dead end trails which didn't work out! All this getting lost means that when we do publish a route it must meet our 'description works' criteria so that you can walk in confidence on all the routes in our guidebooks.

Reading other people's walking guides (we try to read everything relevant) we find a wide variety of writing styles, and particularly detail. Some guides start well and taper off leaving you with no description for the last couple of hours! In some guides you wonder if the author has walked the route? One classic is a booklet on walking round La Gomera where the author, after over eight hours walking, admits to plunging into and scrambling out of two large barrancos in the dark and can't remember how he got to Alajero. If you have used guides like this you will know that the value of a good consistently written walk description is far more than its purchase price.

GPS has been an integral part of DWG research for several years with all of our walking recorded as gps track and waypoint records. All "Walk!/Walks" guidebooks include gps waypoints for all routes where we have gps reception. Edited versions of our gps tracks and waypoints are available on our Personal Navigator Files CD to download to your gps unit via your PC. Even if you are not a gps user you can be reassured that our routes have been researched to the pin-point accuracy of modern satellite-navigation techniques - we know exactly where we have been, and we can prove it.

Surprisingly DWG's authors/researchers are the only published walking writers who use gps. DWG is the only publisher providing gps information to its users. Our gps records prove that we have walked all the routes so you can have confidence that every walking route is thoroughly researched, whether or not you are a gps user, and accurately recorded.

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